Families Feeding Families

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Welcome to Our Family!

Welcome to Families Feeding Families, a program where you can directly help a family in need.
Background: Families Feeding Families is a simple and sustainable model to move our mission forward, and acts as a complement to our existing after-school dinner program. Thanks to community-minded families, delicious healthy dinners are now being prepared and delivered to families in need, to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.
How It Works: Families Feeding Families operates just as it sounds. We pair a Host Family with a Guest Family. A Host Family will shop, prepare and deliver a family sized meal to their Guest Family once per week.
A Guest Family is a family who would benefit greatly from a free, healthy, ready to eat family dinner. Not only does this nourish hungry children, it helps relieve financial stress and time constraints, so parent(s) can spend quality time with their kids around the dinner table.
We encourage families to join up with other families to all participate as one Host Family. It’s an ideal way to share the experience, by alternating weeks, to split the food expenses and offer support to one another.
Too busy to make dinner? Another way to become a Host Family, but without the cooking part, is to sign up with our partners at Real Food Kitchen logo. Healthy, family dinners can be delivered to a family in need on a weekly or monthly basis.
Together we’re filling empty tummies, improving a family’s overall wellbeing and creating brighter futures for children! Join us by following the link below:

For families interested in becoming a Guest Family, please follow the link below: