Our Mission

Help Stop Child Hunger In Canada

We want to fill empty tummies with nutritious dinners. This allows for a good night’s sleep and a nurtured body paramount for learning and growing.

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Promote Healthy Eating

A strong foundation in food literacy instilled at an early age will assist in the development of good and long- lasting eating habits in children. That is why we also educate children on health and nutrition, while we feed them.

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Strengthen Families

A strong family social system is very important to a child, and it has been reported that food insecurity early in life can weaken a child’s attachment to their parents. As we work to feed hungry kids, we will also positively impact the lives of the parents and guardians who love and care for them.

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1 in 6 Canadian children face food insecurity every day. Together we can change that.

Latest News

    Feeding Canadian Kids – Video

    View what our Executive Director Jessica Roelink has to say about Feeding Canadian Kids

    Feeding Canadian Kids was sponsored by The Rosé Picnic 2018!

    Feeding Canadian Kids were pleased to have been sponsored by The Rosé Picnic 2018! So while enjoying Canada’s largest premium Rosé Picnic, for every ticket sold a healthy meal will be filling the tummy of a child in need.
    Click HERE for more information on The Rosé Picnic 2018!